Diets that work: Best diet plans for women

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Listen up, ladies! If you’re tired of bogus diets that over-promise and under-deliver, you’ve come to the right place!

The weight loss and dieting world is a proverbial minefield of misinformation. With new plans and fancy potions seemingly out there to tempt you at every turn, it’s little wonder so many women struggle to make real strides in pursuit of a healthier, happier body.

The sad fact is most diets suck. What’s worse is that the fundamentals of losing weight are actually pretty darn simple; the message just gets lost in the (marketing) hype. In reality, all diets are one in the same where calorie manipulation is the name of the game - they just go about it in different ways. Some restrict certain food groups, while others cut them out entirely!

What really separates a diet that works from one that doesn’t is commitment and how well the diet fits your lifestyle and goals. Here at GreenRunnerBean we’ve taken the liberty of scouring the web to bring you the best practical, evidence-based solutions to your dieting dilemmas.

4 Diets that work in 2020

Here’s a quick look at some of the best programs.

  • Eat Stop Eat: Based on the tried-and-tested principles of intermittent fasting, this is one of the most powerful yet simple methods to lose weight quickly and safely. Read our review here!
  • Metabolic Cooking: Are you a novice when it comes to healthy eating? With custom meal plans and nutritious recipes, metabolic cooking is your kitchen cookbook savior. Read our review here!
  • The 28 Day Keto Challenge: Want to lose weight while eating ‘fatty’ foods like bacon and cheese? You can with Keto! This low-carb, high-fat diet has the power to boost your health and shed the pounds, fast. Read our review here!
  • 7-day eating plan: Don’t know where to start? Try our free 7-day diet plan. Each day delivers 1500 balanced calories - it’s the magic number touted by weight loss experts. Check it out here!

How to make your diet work for you!

  • Be consistent - You won’t drop 20lbs overnight, but you will if you stick with it. Don’t sweat the small stuff, nobody’s perfect. Eat right 80% of the time and the rest won’t even matter.
  • Track your progress - Keep a food diary to monitor what you’re eating, then weigh yourself once a week. Simple!
  • Enjoy it - Is your diet fulfilling? If it’s not, kick it to the curb and try a new approach. There’s plenty of options right here to get you on track.
  • Keep it real - Keep your focus and motivation levels high by aiming for small goals.
  • Reward - Be kind to yourself, always 🙂