28 day keto challenge review: Real results with low carb, high fat!

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Keto diet has been taking the weight loss world by storm. Touted by celebs like Halle Belle and the Kardashians, this low-carb, high-fat diet has the power to boost your health and shed the pounds – all while eating things like bacon, butter and cheese!

Enter the 28 day keto challenge, a program designed to jump-start your journey on the Keto diet and guide you every step of the way. This review will show you what to expect from the program, highlight the pro’s and con’s and ultimately help you decide whether or not Keto is right for you.

Ketosis 101: A quick Introduction

So, what is the keto diet and what makes it so special? It’s secret lies in the ability to ‘hack’ your body’s energy processes by achieving something called ‘ketosis’ – a state where fat, not carbohydrates become your primary fuel source. Pretty cool, right? This is achieved through eating a diet which is made up largely of healthy fats, moderate/low amounts of protein and a small amounts of carbs.

The “yes” list includes: meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables that grow above ground, nuts and seeds, fats and oils, and some dairy products. As far as drinks go, stick to water and skip the soda.

While you’re filling up on fat, you’ll be necessarily steered away from carbohydrates, particularly nutritionally bankrupt foods loaded with sugar and empty calories; think cakes, cookies, pastries, sugary cereals, white bread and chips. This carbohydrate embargo goes further to even include fruit, whole grains, beans and lentils.

But, won’t eating fat make me fat?

The short answer is no. Just because you’re eating plenty of healthy fat foods, like avocados, doesn’t mean you’ll end up looking like one! A fat-rich diet has a strong satiety effects and is deeply satisfying. Many people feel their best eating this way, which then allows them to control their overall caloric intake while reducing sugar and refined carbohydrates: the real culprits of unwanted weight gain.

The 28 day keto challenge: A look inside…

The 28 day keto challenge is a digital program. Upon purchase you receive login details which gains you access to the dashboard where you can then view and download the program in full. Here’s a screenshot of the dashboard where you can access each manual.

28 day keto challenge: Pro’s

No risk, big reward: Nobody likes wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work. To sweeten the deal you’re covered with a money-back guarantee which is good for up to 60 days after purchasing, so you get to try everything out risk-free.

28 days: 28 days is manageable and feels do-able. Too many diets give you too much, too fast; it’s information overload. The Keto challenge gives you a set time-frame and makes it a point to guide you successfully through the program whereupon you feel confident and the habits of Keto are ingrained to feel natural and automatic.

Comprehensive: All up you get 10 individual guides that cover all the key concepts of keto. These range from the basics (how-to, foods, recipes), desserts, how to customize your plan, staying on track, how to navigate social outings and how to use complimentary strategies, like intermittent fasting, to accelerate your results while on Keto.

28 day keto challenge: Considerations

Up-sells: During checkout you’ll be met with a few up-sells. These are optional additions to the 28 day keto challenge that you may (or may not) find worthwhile. I want to stress these are not required and you can skip them by simply clicking ‘no thanks’ at the bottom of the page.

Carbohydrate free-zone: This can be a deal-breaker for some and I’m not going to lie, the transitioning to a new way of eating can be tough to manage at first. It’s perfectly normal to experience hunger pangs, cravings, irritability and fatigue. This is commonly referred to as “keto flu” (there’s a guide dedicated to overcoming this) and typically lasts 1-3 days. That said, if you can make it through the first 28 days, smooth sailing awaits as by that time your body and mind have grown fully accustom to Keto and you’ll begin to enjoy the benefits of increased energy, decreased cravings and smaller numbers on the scale.

Health conditions: If you have any preexisting health conditions, especially high blood pressure or high cholesterol, consult with your doctor before you start the ketogenic diet. Keto’s high fat, low carb approach can cause a reduction in fiber, in which case you should make room for a more balanced intake of nutrients to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Final Score:

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If you want to be part of one of the hottest diets of 2019 and take advantage of all it has to offer, the 28 day keto challenge is where it’s at. The 28 day meal plan and accompanying guides provide everything you need to ensure success. Great presentation and well-supported scientific references combine to offer one of the best entry programs to the Keto diet available.

>> Start your 28 day Keto challenge now!


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