6 minutes to skinny review: Too good to be true?


6 minutes to skinny – If there’s ever been a captivating headline for those looking to lose weight, this is surely it! But does Craig Ballantyne’s innovative weight loss program live up to it’s own hype?

You know what they say, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. However, 6-minutes to skinny is a notable exception with the program offering a refreshing take on weight loss, showing you how it can be achieved quickly and without fuss by using scientific exercise and nutrition principles. Below is my full take on the program including likes, dislikes, considerations and final verdict.

What is it & Who’s it for?

6 minutes to skinny is a revolutionary diet and exercise system which takes just 6 minutes (yep, seriously!) in the morning by combining a healthy shake with a short 4-minute exercise routine to burn fat, build strength and boost energy in record-time. While the principles used will work for anyone, the program is best suited to those looking for fast, efficient results. If you’ve ever been frustrated with other routines/diets or simply don’t have the time or patience for endless, mind-numbing workouts, this is the program for you! Here’s a quick look at how the system works:

how 6 minutes to skinny works

6 Minutes to Skinny: The Pro’s

  • Craig Ballantyne (program creator): With new weight loss programs popping up daily, few seemingly have the credentials to back up their claims and are too often authored by no-name ‘experts’. This isn’t the case here. Craig is the real deal and holds a Master’s degree in exercise science and nutrition. He also writes for major magazine publications including Women’s Health, so you can rest assured the info you’re getting is top-notch.
  • No-Nonsense Approach: As the name suggests, 6-minutes to skinny is designed to deliver quick, effective results. This is the true strength of the program and part of what makes it so appealing. The simple 6-minute morning routine gets a big ‘thumbs up’ from me. After all, who has the time or wants to endure hours spent on a treadmill or restrictive dieting when you simply don’t have to. With the powerful metabolic advantages that 6 Minutes to Skinny offers, you’ll burn more fat, save time and keep your motivation levels in high-gear! I just love the whole idea of ‘work smarter, not harder’ and 6 Minutes to Skinny nails it!
  • Comprehensive: Too often with other weight loss programs you see diet information dished out at the expense of exercise, or vice-versa. Sustainable weight loss is about creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle and 6 Minutes to Skinny does this well with clear, well laid-out manuals dedicated to each component. Starting with the Main Manual, you’ll learn about the program and the science behind it, before moving onto the 7-Day Fast Start, which brings you up to speed, and then the full 8-week schedule.

Important: There are no physical products associated with this program. You access everything via an online digital portal with your login ID which you receive in your e-mail immediately after purchase. It should be noted that the physical version of 6 Minutes to Skinny can be purchased on Amazon. However, the online version recommend here gives you everything, but with added convenience (watch/read on your computer/mobile device) and at reduced cost to you.

  • Exercise/Workout Videos: As part of the program, Craig includes full exercise and workout demonstrations, so you can follow along easily whether you’re a an exercise novice or veteran.  I found these especially good when it came to exercise demonstrations as trying to read and implement step-by-step instructions with an exercise you’re unfamiliar with can be challenging at times. Before each workout, there is a 2 min warm-up routine, followed by a circuit of 4-min heart-pumping workouts. You’d think that 4 minutes wouldn’t be enough to elicit any significant changes, but the results speak for themselves. There are dozens of workouts included, with new ones added regularly.
6 minutes to skinny workouts
  • Great Food & Shake Selection: To keep things fresh, Craig gives you a great selection of foods and recipes to choose from with more than 40 different 2-minute breakfast shake options and 150+ tasty, quick and healthy recipes, more than enough to keep you full and satisfied. You also learn the tools to create your own eating plan based on the important macro-nutrients of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.
  • 60-Day Refund Policy: If at any time you’re not satisfied with your purchase within 60 days, you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked. Not only do you get peace of mind, but you’ll get the chance to try out the full program and see how it works for you.
  • Proven Results: This is the true acid-test of any weight loss/diet program – does it actually work? The answer is a resounding yes. While you may be only working out for 4 minutes at a time, the secret lies in the programs ability to tap into the body’s natural metabolic cycles through interval training, EPOC (extended post oxygen consumption) and metabolically-active muscle tissue. This creates an incredibly powerful fat burning environment and one in which you can burn up to 4 times the calories compared to a typical workout. Naturally, the program isn’t a magic-fix, but you can easily lose 15 pounds in just 8 weeks, like many users have, without long workouts or starving yourself.

6 Minutes to Skinny: The Con’s

Despite the programs gimmicky title, there wasn’t actually much in the program I found to gripe about (sorry to disappoint!). The information is well-supported by science and is presented in a clear and straight-forward manner. If anything, the program should be commended for it’s refreshing approach to weight loss and how it can be made practical and fun for all, just the way it should be.

The only thing to add is that seeing results from the program does take time and commitment. Don’t expect miracles overnight, but rest-assured if you stick to it, you will achieve fantastic lasting results quicker than you ever thought possible.

Final Verdict: 4.5/5 Stars

For the $27 price-tag and the fact you’re covered risk-free for 60 days, I think the program is a no-brainer and well worth your time and money if you’re serious about improving your health and getting in shape fast. If you’ve got 6 minutes to spare each day (and I know you do!), give it a try.


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